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“Exit polls 2012: How the vote has shifted.” The Washington Post November 6, 2012. This page displays links to election results for November 6, 2012 ballot measures, federal and state officials.. For information about 2012 elections, click Statewide elections, 2012.Stay current with election news and Ballotpedia election coverage by checking the Elections portal throughout the year.. General election preview articles are available here. Popular vote totals from Federal Elections 2012.; Issues of the Day: Role of government, Spending & tax rates, Nuclear Iran, Arab Spring, Global warming, Campaign finance Obama only the 2nd president (Wilson, 1916) to be elected to a second term with fewer electoral votes than earned when winning first term 2012 Election Facts. January 10, 2013. November 6, 2012 - Election Night Timeline < 2008 Choose Year 2020 2016 2012 2008 2004 2000 1996 1992 1988 1984 1980 1976 1972 1968 1964 1960 1956 1952 1948 1944 1940 1936 1932 1928 1924 1920 1916 1912 1908 1904 1900 1896 1892 1888 1884 1880 1876 1872 1868 1864 1860 1856 1852 1848 1844 1840 1836 1832 1828 1824 Choose Office U.S. Senate Governor Headlines and video, candidates' positions on the issues, fundraising totals, States to Watch news and analysis, and a … Notes: Final exit poll results from interviews of randomly selected voters as they exited voting places across the country on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Latest on the 2012 National Elections from the CNN.com Politics team. Modern second term presidents successfully seeking reelection most often experience a participation decline. President Barack Obama [D] Main Opponent Mitt Romney [R] Electoral Vote Winner: 332 Main Opponent: 206 Total/Majority: 538/270 Vice President Joe Biden (332) V.P. The winner declared by the Associated Press is marked with a . Voter Registration Deadlines and Poll Hours Electoral College Votes by State, 2012 Presidential Elections From this perspective, the decline since 2008 is not alarming. Check back shortly for the Certificates of Ascertainment and the Certificates of Vote from the 2012 election. United States: The 2012 presidential campaign, a fluctuating economy, and the approaching fiscal cliff As the summer progressed, the 2012 presidential campaign heated up. Town by town results. Live Florida Election Results and Map, includes 2012 races for President, Senate, House, Governor and Florida Ballot Measures Results. Unofficial results of the general election held in Massachusetts on Nov. 6, 2012. The Obama campaign has pushed the idea that Republicans were waging a "war on women" aimed at restricting access to contraception. Voters wishing to cast Gay rights, abortion, stem cell research and related issues that involve conflicting moral values have played a more subdued role in this contest than in the 2004 presidential election, when they figured prominently. Official List of Write-In Candidates for the 2012 General Election Filing deadline October 19, 2012 Page 1 S:\Certification & Training\Candidate Filing\2012 filing\Write-ins\2012 General\2012 Write in Candidates.docx Write-in candidate names will not be printed on the ballot or appear in the Voters' Pamphlet. January 10, 2013. The 2012 election is placed in recent historical perspective in the graph below, which plots from 1948 to 2012 presidential turnout rates for those eligible to vote. Voting age population (United States Election Project for Nov. 2012): 231,229,580 Estimated number of voters in the 2012 election was 122,842,626. “Presidential Race – 2012 Election Center.” CNN December 10, 2012.

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